How to Make an Errand (Flex Frame) Clutch
$7 USD

This listing is for a 15-page eBook containing complete instructions on how to make an Errand Clutch. This is the perfect – sized clutch to take with you for those quick trips when a larger bag is not really necessary. Will fit essentials like your keys, mobile phone, driver’s license, credit card and some cash easily!

What makes this clutch unique is the use of a flex frame closure, a very nice change from the usual zipper, magnetic snap or button closures. And it will keep your stuff secure too!

Finished clutch is about 3 ½” tall (excluding flex frame casing), 6 ½” wide at its widest point, with a depth of about 3”.

The eBook comes loaded with photos, making the step-by-step instructions very easy to follow. You don’t need to have advanced sewing skills to complete this project but experience in sewing, particularly in bag-making, is highly recommended.

Materials needed:
About 10” by 20” quilting weight cotton fabric for exterior
About 15” by 20” quilting weight cotton fabric for lining
About 10” by 15” fusible fleece or cotton batting
About 10” by 15” light fusible interfacing
One 5” internal flex frame
Spray adhesive (optional, only if using cotton batting)
sewing essentials such as thread, needle, sewing machine, ruler, marker, pins, etc.

**Internal flex frames are sometimes difficult to find in craft stores but they are widely available online.

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